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Prefab Flat Pack Container House
  • Prefab Flat Pack Container HousePrefab Flat Pack Container House
  • Prefab Flat Pack Container HousePrefab Flat Pack Container House
  • Prefab Flat Pack Container HousePrefab Flat Pack Container House
  • Prefab Flat Pack Container HousePrefab Flat Pack Container House
  • Prefab Flat Pack Container HousePrefab Flat Pack Container House
  • Prefab Flat Pack Container HousePrefab Flat Pack Container House

Prefab Flat Pack Container House

The innovative Prefab Flat Pack Container Houses produced by Yilong Integrated Housing Factory are designed with an emphasis on innovation and environmental friendliness. They are reusable, quickly assembled, and easily dismantled, facilitating transportation to different locations, meeting people's diverse living environment needs. Modular House can be single units or two-story structures, with customizable colors, doors, and windows.

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Product Description

Prefab Flat Pack Container Houses, as a new environmentally friendly and economical construction method, are gradually gaining popularity in the market. The design concept focuses on achieving rapid assembly and disassembly through bolt connections and other detachable methods, simplifying the construction process, and enhancing the flexibility and mobility of buildings.

If you're interested in wholesaling these cost-effective Prefab Flat Pack Container Houses, feel free to send us an inquiry, and Yilong Integrated Housing suppliers will provide you with a satisfactory quotation.

Firstly, the components of Prefab Flat Pack Container Houses are prefabricated in the factory, significantly reducing the complexity and uncertainty of on-site construction. This production method not only improves production efficiency but also ensures the accuracy and quality of building components. On-site, workers only need to assemble various components into a complete house through simple operations such as bolt connections, greatly shortening the construction period.

Secondly, the dismantling and movement of these durable Prefab Flat Pack Container Houses are equally convenient and quick. Because of the bolt connections between components, the dismantling process only requires loosening the bolts without damaging the structure of the house. This design allows the house to be easily moved when needed, providing an ideal solution for temporary housing, tourism, vacationing, emergency resettlement, and other scenarios.

Lastly, the flexibility of Prefab Flat Pack Container Houses enables them to adapt to various terrains and environments. Whether on hillsides, grasslands, deserts, or riversides, Prefab Flat Pack Container Houses can be customized according to terrain characteristics and customer requirements, achieving harmonious coexistence with the environment.

In summary, Prefab Flat Pack Container Houses, as a new environmentally friendly and economical construction method, offer many advantages such as convenient assembly and disassembly, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, and strong adaptability. With continuous technological advancements and expanding market demand, Prefab Flat Pack Container Houses are expected to see wider applications and promotions in the future.


Prefab flat pack container house configuration paramenters

Outer Dimensions
5800*2400*2896mm lnside dimension
Thermalinsulation performance £=0.043W/米m.K Wind-resistant performance 0.50KN/㎡
Sound insulation performance Sound transmission loss≥30dB Fire performance A-level
Waterproof performance Ⅱ class Seismic performance Level 8
Ground live load 2.0KN/㎡ Roof live load 0.50KN/㎡
Structured surface Electrostatic spraying white Connection method High strength bolt connection
Serial Number Name Constituent part Number Unit Notes
1 Main frame (bare steel) Top frame 170mm, top and side beams 2.3mm-2,top crossbeams -2 purlins of over 50 square steel-6,20*20*6000 square tubes -2and 1 set of explosion-proof wire box. 1 set
2 Battom frame 160mm, bottom side beam 2.3mm -2 supports,bottom crossbeam -2 supports,purlins of 120 square steel -9 supports 1 set
3 Pillar system 2535*150*210*2.3mm 4 branch
4 Top/bottom box
1 set
5 L-angle 1 set
6 Color steel topping Color steel veneer 360* bite 0.4mm 1 set
7 831ceiling panel YX28-277-831.0.3mm 1 set
8 Top insulation 75 thick single foil glass wool 14kg/m +PE flm 1 set
9 Drainage PVC 450*2.0*2700 4 set
10 Floor Ground 18mm glass maqnesium plate 1 set
11 1.6mm PVC plastic flooring 1 set
12 Wallboard Composite plate 1150 double-sided 0.30mm-75mm rock wool, with a unit weight of 50KG/m*, H-port, with orange peel on one side and plain white on the other, double-sided PE film, 15 piece
13 Doors and windows Doors and windows Steel door 840*2035mm 1 door or window frame
14 1110*1120mm-2 plastic steel sliding windows, double push and double push, equipped with screen windows and anti-theftguardrails (U.PVC) 2 door or window trame
15 Electrical equipment Light LED decorative light 36W*2 1 set
16 Socket 10A five hole socket, 3 three hole sockets, 16A 1 socket
17 Switch One concealed distribution box with one single button switch
18 Wire 2*1.5nf * lighting, 3*2.5nf socket, 3*4nt * air conditioning
socket, 3*6㎡f incoming line
19 Industrial socket 220V 50Hz 3P32A
20 Decoration Column wrap
2535mm color steel molded parts 4 piece
21 House bottom U-shaped flume 1 set
22 Accessory Wall panel fasteners
Z-shaped ferruies 1 set
23 Accossory Matching screws, drill tail nails, floor nails, cross half round head 1 set


Prefab flat pck container house is sturdy and durable, with strong seismic resistance and deformation resistance, it has good sealing performance and can be assembled to expand the usage space, such as conference rooms, dormitory kitchens, bathrooms, etc. It is easy to disassemble and has superior performance, stable and firm performance, good shockproof performance, waterproof, firproof,and corrosion-resistant weight.





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