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Mobile Home

The Mobile Home produced by Yilong in China are specialized in design, standardized, modular and universal in production. They are easy to dismantle, install and transport. The movable houses can be reused many times and are of temporary or permanent nature. of houses. The mobile house has an artistic appearance, stable structure, and wide applicability. Both the appearance and the interior layout are unique. It can be designed and modified according to the individual needs of different households. The size and space can be flexibly allocated. It is waterproof, fireproof, anti-corrosion, and light in weight. Mobile houses are suitable for being located in special geographical locations such as hillsides, hills, grasslands, deserts, and riversides. Suitable for accommodation, office reception, tourist attractions, commercial blocks, farms, pastures, camping, military barracks, industrial equipment, etc.

The company has a professional R&D team and experienced technical production personnel to meet customers' expectations and requirements for product quality by exceeding international factory control standards. At the same time, the company has established a complete after-sales service system to provide customers with a full range of services. Technical support and maintenance services to protect customer rights.

Mobile Homes are exported to the United States, Brazil, Chile, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey, Poland, the Czech Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, India, and Malaysia. More than 50 countries including West Asia, Lebanon, Vietnam, South Africa, Guinea, and Ethiopia

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  • A homestay mobile house is an innovative accommodation option that combines convenience and flexibility. With a prefabricated modular design, it allows for quick installation and disassembly, making it easy to relocate to different locations.

  • A bulletproof foldable house is an innovative residential form that offers bulletproof functionality, foldability for ease of transportation and storage, and quick assembly and is suitable for various scenarios, enhancing living safety and convenience.

  • The Bulletproof Double Wing Expansion Room is an innovative structure that integrates advanced bulletproof technology with a dual-wing expandable design. This house can be swiftly deployed and retracted, offering versatile living and working spaces, while providing exceptional bulletproof performance to ensure a robust security barrier in high-risk environments. The Bulletproof Double Wing Expansion Room is suitable for various scenarios requiring high-level security protection.

  • A Prefabricated Double Wing Expansion House is a building structure with foldable characteristics, usually composed of two interconnected wings. This housing structure can be easily folded up for storage and transportation.

  • The manufacturer Yilong Integrated Housing has over a decade of experience producing Expandable Container. Expandable Container is a modular, sustainable living space that integrates entertainment, relaxation, and shower functions into one, allowing flexible combinations according to different scenarios.

  • Yilong Integrated Housing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'s supply of Box House is a type of movable and reusable building made of special steel welded together. They are sturdy, durable, easy to install, and suitable for various scenarios.

Yilong Factory: Your Reliable Supplier of Fancy Mobile Home Made in China. Discover our durable and cheap options, tailored to your needs. Buy high-quality Mobile Home direct from the manufacturer!
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